Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How to Create an ISO Image File From Blu-ray

Blu-ray has much larger storage than normal DVD discs. If you want to back up a Blu-ray disc, you can consider to backup Blu-ray to ISO files if you have plenty of free space on your local hard disk drive. On one hand, you can save money on buying expensive Blu-ray discs; on the other hand, you can burn the ISO image file to blank Blu-ray Disc when you need. Sounds great? Right? This article will shows you how to copy Blu-ray disc to ISO on macos Sierra in 2 simple steps.

In order to create ISO from Blu-ray for ripping, playing, storing or burning, you just need the top Mac Blu-ray to ISO converter. Here Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac should take into your consideration. With it, you can clone any Blu-ray with copyright protection and non copyright protection, including Blu-ray folder files to ISO without any quality loss. And a neat feature you should notice is that it also enables you to backup Blu-ray to lossless mkv with original audio tracks/subtitles keeping and directly copy Blu-ray to m2ts without extras. For Windows users, please turn to Dimo Video Converter Ultimate. Just check this following tip to learn the process of easily 1:1 cloning Blu-ray to ISO image file.

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Rip Blu-ray onto HDD as ISO File on macos Sierra

Step 1 -> Install and run the latest Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac onto your computer; click "Make ISO" and then locate the Blu-ray disc or folder you need back up;

Step 2 -> Click "..." to select a path to save the resulting ISO file,  and then hit "Start" button to let go ripping Blu-ray to ISO.

Note: You can also choose "Directly copy" mode after clicking "Add Blu-ray" if you only want to keep the movie itself, no commercials, bonuses, trailers, etc. 

Why Copy Blu-ray to ISO Image File in macos Sierra

By copying Blu-ray to ISO image file, the converted ISO image file is very easy for later ripping, playing and burning.

1. ISO image file retains intact original structure and original quality of Blu-ray and can be easily burned to new macos Sierra disc directly. 

2. ISO image file can be easily played by VLC, Mplayer, DAPlayer and many other popular media players, it is easier for watching Blu-ray movie without messing around with Blu-ray discs any more. 

3. ISO is a single image file, so it is convenient for storing, transferring, establishing and managing a Blu-ray collection filing system.

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Source: Create an ISO image from Blu-ray under Windows 10/8/7

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